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10 Reasons to Get a Hearing Test

Mar 27, 2017 | Blog

We at OHC are experts in the field of hearing, hearing loss and all things hearing related.

Not only are our physicians top of the line, but, we talk to hundreds of people every week about their experience with hearing loss. We interact every day who both struggle and thrive with their hearing loss.

With all of this knowledge and experience, we love to be a voice of encouragement for our patients and potential patients to get their hearing checked. We know that sometimes there can be resistance to doing this, but, we want to let you know just how much it can help you in the long run.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Hearing Test

1. There is always time to treat and manage hearing loss
Even if the test confirms you’ve already lost some hearing, don’t think this means you’re going to lose all of it. In many cases, an audiologist may be able to recommend lifestyle changes to protect the hearing you still have.

2. Your hearing loss affects everyone around you.
We know your hearing loss is difficult for you—of course! And, your hearing loss is difficult for your family, friends, and co-workers to deal with, too. Get your hearing checked soonest so you can maintain the best relationships and communication with your loved ones.

3. Hearing well improves relationships.
Loved ones having to repeat themselves constantly, shouting during their conversations with you, and blasting the television wears on everyone’s nerves. There are many things you can do to mitigate these issues, and getting your hearing checked is the first step.

4. Social alienation can lead to depression.
Hearing loss has been linked to the development of depression due to the isolation it can create. The greater your isolation, the easier it is for depression to take hold. Get your hearing checked and get the treatment and/or hearing aids that you need, and stay connected!

5. Older people with untreated hearing loss are at greater risk of falling.
Johns Hopkins researchers identified an increased risk of falling due to hearing loss in a landmark 2012 study. Even those with relatively mild hearing loss (25 decibels) were nearly three times as likely to experience falls. Get your hearing checked, get the help you need, and stay safe!

6. Hearing loss may be an early warning sign of diabetes.
Multiple studies have shown that people with diabetes are about twice as likely to lose their hearing as those without the disease. Hearing loss can be an early warning sign of diabetes or other co-morbidities. Get your hearing checked, and rule out or identify other possible health issues.

7. Untreated hearing loss and dementia have been linked.
Although the exact cause-and-effect remains unknown, researchers have found that seniors with hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia than their full-hearing peers. Sometimes getting your hearing checked can help with more than just improving your hearing.

8. Hearing loss may be a complication of cardiovascular disease.
Cardiovascular disease can lead to heart attacks or strokes, and often goes undetected until one of these catastrophic health events occurs. Since the hair cells vital to hearing are delicate they are often the first cells “killed” by reduced blood flow, leading to hearing loss. Get your hearing checked soonest and make sure we can take care of any other health-related needs.

9. It’s harder to get a job or advance in a career when you can’t hear.
It’s hard enough to find a job these days without the added burden of struggling to hear. In fact, only 48 percent of US citizens between the ages of 18-64 who have a hearing impairment are employed in the public or private sectors. That said, by getting your hearing checked, you can prevent some of the issues that may keep you from employment, be it treatment, prevention or getting hearing aids that will make all the difference.

10. Advanced options for treating hearing loss are available.
Hearing aid technology has advanced significantly in the past decade alone. The first step is to get that hearing test, determine the kind of hearing loss you have, and then learn more about your treatment options.

Call OHC today—we can give you the hearing test you need, and we can connect you to the right hearing aid for you if that is what you need. We have it all — hearing aids for kids, hearing aids for adults, and every type of hearing aid you could dream of.

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