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How to Handle the Holidays with Hearing Loss

Nov 27, 2020 | Blog

Whether you’re holding a family gathering at your house or attending a get-together with friends, the holidays are a great time to reconnect and spend time with people you care about. But when you suffer from hearing loss, the holidays can turn into a period of stress and isolation. To help you enjoy your holiday season we’ve put together some tips and ideas for dealing with hearing loss. Keep reading to learn more or contact us today for help.

Pick a Place that is Easy to Hear In
If you’re holding or attending an event or get-together, try to find someplace that is conducive to hearing. The key is to look for an environment that helps you avoid background noise and focus on your conversations. Look for:

• Areas with carpets or drapes, which can reduce echoes and make it easier to hear.
• Rooms without appliances or televisions. In restaurants, try to avoid the bar and kitchen.
• Seating away from speakers, radios, or people playing music.
• Areas with good lighting, which can make it easier to see faces and read lips.

Stay With a Partner or Friend
If you’re not able to control your environment during holiday events, you can also ask for help from your spouse, a relative, or a close friend. Your partner can help to include you in group conversations or even repeat things that you might not have caught the first time.

Be aware, though, that you don’t want to rely too much on someone else to do your hearing for you. If you lean too hard on your partner, you’re just replacing your stressful situation with theirs.

Focus on Single Conversations
Hearing loss can be much more challenging when you’re in a large group of people talking over each other. While you won’t be able to keep your dining room table silent, you can do your best to focus on conversations with a single person. This will help you catch the most sound and improve your comprehension.

In addition, if you have hearing loss that is worse on one side you can ask people to sit on your “good side” or turn your body for the best results. Also, don’t be afraid to move to quieter areas so you can focus on important conversations more easily.

Use Your Hearing Aids
Sometimes people avoid wearing their hearing aids during gatherings of family or friends for fear of embarrassment. This is never a good strategy, though. While you might think you look younger or more capable without hearing aids, you’ll also struggle to hear others and have a less enjoyable time.

Another benefit of wearing your hearing aids is they can actually help you in noisy environments like parties and restaurants. Modern hearing aids often come with noise isolation and cancellation features built in. These features make it easier to hear conversations you want to focus on and filter out background noises.

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