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How to Deal with Noisy Environments When You Have Hearing Loss

Oct 21, 2021 | Blog

One of the biggest challenges of hearing loss is trying to hear over other noises. When you’re in a noisy environment like a restaurant, party, or outdoor event, this can be even more difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to make noisy environments easier to handle. Keep reading to learn more.

Plan Ahead

The best thing you can do when you know you’re going to be someplace noisy is to plan ahead. For instance, if you’re going out to eat, call ahead to make a reservation for a table away from the kitchen or other sources of noise, and schedule your meal for a quieter period (no late Friday nights!). A little bit of planning and preparation can go a long way when it comes to helping your hearing.

Reduce Background Noise

Another effective strategy in many noisy places is to reduce background noise where you can. For example, you can ask the host at a party or social event to turn their music down a little so you can hear more clearly. If you’re trying to talk to someone one-on-one, step away from other people so their conversation isn’t interfering with your own.

Find the Quiet Areas

Most noisy environments aren’t noisy all over. You can usually find a quieter place to stay where you will be able to hear better. Look for rooms with carpet and soft furniture, which help reduce ambient sound, and stay away from major sources of noise. If you’re somewhere new and you aren’t sure where a quieter area is, do a quick tour or ask the host if there is someplace calm where you can sit.

Use Light to Your Advantage

In noisy environments, light is your best friend. If you position yourself in a well-lit area, you will be able to use lip movements, facial cues, and body language to help you understand what other people are saying. During the day, look for places near a window or in indirect sunlight. In the evening, a well-lit room or restaurant will be much better than a dark bar.

Be Honest

Like many other things in life, honesty is the best policy when it comes to your hearing. If you’re having trouble understanding people when you’re in a noisy place, tell them. They’ll often make simple but effective adjustments like facing you directly when they talk or tapping your shoulder when trying to get your attention. These little bits of help can make the difference between being left behind and engaging with everyone around you.

Get Help from New Tech

One of the best ways to deal with noisy environments is to make use of new hearing technology. Modern hearing aids have several assistive modes that help filter out background noise and amplify speech. With a new hearing aid, you can hear better in virtually every situation, including loud parties and restaurants.

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