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At the Oklahoma Hearing center, we want to provide information and tools that will allow you to better understand hearing loss and help you make informed decisions about your hearing health. Understanding your hearing loss and making decisions on how to address it can be a long process. The library has content appropriate for people just learning they have a hearing loss to people that are experienced hearing aid wearers. Click on any of the links below and the content will open in a new tab in your browser. This content is available for your use, whether you read it online or download it for consumption at a later time.

Are Two Hearing Aids Really Better Than One?

Communicating Through a Face Mask

Five Common Hearing Loss Myths

How to Encourage a Loved One to Address Their Hearing Loss

Do Headphones Increase Your Risk of Hearing Loss?

Tips for Handling Hearing Loss at Work

How Does Hearing Loss Affect the Brain?

How to Detect Hearing Loss in Children

Keeping your Independence When You Have Hearing Loss

Handling Hearing Loss in Noisy Environments

Travel Tips for People with Hearing Loss

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